• Newly employed digital filter can achieve thorough detection in both shallow and deep water
  • The main bang (echo just below the transducer) is suppressed to less than 40 cm so that the fish echoes below the transducer can easily be observed.
  • Two types of Auto Mode available: Cruising and Fishing
  • Fast pulse transmission rate to achieve outstanding shallow water echo presentation
  • Dual frequency 50/200 kHz
  • High output power of 600 W
  • TLL output for an interfaced GPS plotter display
  • 5.6" sunlight viewable bright 256 color LCD with a wide viewing angle
  • Echo presentation in 8/16/64 color gradation
  • Customized NAV data display when interfaced with appropriate sensors
  • New design that allows the display unit to swivel around when table-top mounted
  • Easy to flush mount
  • Easy to operate by two rotary knobs for gain control and mode changes
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